How to Taste Liquor Like a Pro

Taste Liquor

Sipping onto a glass of liquor for the first time is sure to give you the chills and euphoria that you will seek henceforth. Not all types might excite you equally; you are sure to develop a favorite drink over time. It could be anything from beer to whiskey, giving you the much-needed escape from the real stresses. Life has this special creation to intoxicate you even in the most somber days. There shouldn’t be anything stopping you from having a taste of the best liquor in the pub. But you need to know how to chug it the right way. Here are a few tips that can help you taste liquor like a pro.

1.      A Clean Slate is Where You Start

A Clean Slate

To begin anything new, you need to have a clean slate that offers you the space to explore more. Liquor should also be consumed with the same spirit and motto since the taste and effect can only register when your tongue is free of all other flavors. The highly recommended method is to refrain from taking coffee two or three hours before tasting. Any mint-based items like candy, chewing gum, or even toothpaste shouldn’t be used three hours prior to the sip. Raw onions and strong spices are also to be avoided on that day. Rinsing your mouth right before tasting can help clear all other flavors on your taste buds at that moment. Having a clean palate while tasting is key to drinking it like a pro.

2.      Drink Only Water

When you are tasting various samples, you will need a clear palate between each session. The best way to cleanse your tongue is to drink water. Make sure you don’t drink anything else during these breaks. Some water biscuits can offer you the same effect as water. Sinuses should also be clear when tasting the beverages, and it can be done efficiently with the regular breaks for water.

3.      No Scents

Another key component to having a great tasting session is doing it in a neutral environment with no perfume or scented candles around you. Scent-free products must be used when visiting the shack. All aromas wafting in the air can be picked easily when no other fragrances are interfering.

4.      Mind the Temperature of Food and Drinks

Before heading over to the tasting session, you must make sure not to have foods that are too hot or too cold. It can burn or make your taste buds numb, making your tongue insensitive for hours.


5.      Do Not Smoke

Smoking may enhance the effect when you are drinking liquor for fun, but it doesn’t do you any good when tasting a variety of drinks. Your sense of taste can become dull once you smoke. The smell of tobacco will linger in the air and your clothes, depriving you of the chance to smell and taste the drink properly.

6.      Shake the Glass

Analyzing the aroma shouldn’t be by breathing in just from your nose. Make sure to keep the glass right under your nose and breathe in from your mouth as well. Waving the glass will reduce the chances of burning your nose with the high alcohol content.

How to Taste Liquor Like a Pro

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